Monday, January 16, 2017

Christmas 2016 12/27/16

Good Morning, boy did Christmas come and go fast, I hope it was all you dreamed of, and i especially hope you had the time to reflect over the Savior's life and think of what you could give him, in church, the speaker talked about remembering who's stocking should actually be on the fireplace, and that is Christ's. I pray we all might be able to give more this year to him, that we can sacrifice some of the many things we have, and give to him, just as King Benjamin said "When you are in the service of your fellow man, you are only in the service of your God".

Last week I talked about a Spanish speaking family who we met, well the Spanish sisters contacted us and let us know that they actually aren't member of the church, but that she had prayed 2 days before we showed up that she would be able to find a church! How amazing is that!

Zone Conference was on Friday, it was amazing! We talked about Gratitude and were able to give a musical number as well.. I know what you all are thinking, "Elder Taylor a musical number?" but yes, don't worry it was a group. It turned out really awesome however! I'll attach it so you can listen to it as well. :)
Christmas Eve was great, we got to go caroling with a bunch of missionaries here in London! We went around to members and non-members. Following caroling we had dinner with the Hills, fun times! Christmas day was fun, we visited a few families, got to skype home, and had some amazing meals. We had Borsche for lunch and  a typical Ham and potato dinner! It was good!

Not too exciting of a week, besides what I've already told ya! I'll talk to you all next week on Tuesday again!

Elder Adam Taylor

The Picture of the 4 of us, yeah, we all went to Davis! D-A-R-T

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