Sunday, January 29, 2017

Church Hopping 01/23/17

Another Week in the books, it's week 7 of the transfer here now. We have an extra long transfer because of Christmas, it mixed things up! We'll see what this week has to offer as it comes to an end, I hope I get to stay another but I have no idea, I've been here for 3 transfers already, so we'll see what happens. Last P-day was awesome, we decided we wanted to go check out some other churches here in London so we headed out to explore, we went to a big Catholic Basillica down town, it was gorgeous, it reminded me of Adelaides Cathedral in San Francisco that we went to a few years ago. 
We left there and headed over to a Mosque, and when we got there all, all of these Muslim's started showing up and running inside, we were a bit confused so we asked one and he told us to go in with them. So we did :) They brought us into their prayer hall and set some chairs up in the back for us to sit at while they said Salat. Salat is a prayer they say 5 times a day. It was way cool to get to watch, and we talked with the Imam after, which is basically the pastor to the Mosque that leads the prayer. Super good guy, and it was cool to get to see how other religions practice and live their beliefs.

At Daily Dose class this week, we had 4 students show up! It was awesome, we had two students from Syria and 2 students from China come. The Sister that was supposed to teach didn't show up so 5 minutes before I was assigned to teach the class! It surprisingly went super well. I really enjoyed teaching English, it was fun. We got to give the guys from Syria and chapel tour afterwards as well and then we were showed them the Baptismal font and taught them about baptism. 
I had exchanges this week with Elder Flint, he's from Woodland hills, UT. He's awesome, he's a Spanish Elder so I got to refresh some of my spanish, which isn't very much. The night before exchanges we met this super nice family from Iraq who spoke little english, they invited us over the next day so On exchanges we went by and tried to teach them. They asked if we could help them learn English so we are now reading the Book of Mormon with them to help them learn English and teach them on the way. 

The YSA sisters had a baptism this last weekend, and the girl decided she wanted a missionary to baptize her, so earlier last week we got a call and the Sisters asked us if we could. I ended up being able to be the one to perform the ordinance, which was s super awesome opportunity! It's such a special opportunity to be able to perform such a special ordinance.

 We had dinner with Hesam on Sunday and during dinner he wrote out the Persian Alphabet for us. 
So we are now trying to read every arabic or persian store sign we see. Needless to say it's not going so well, but we have faith! 

Aggie is doing well, she is still pushing along towards her baptism in March! 

This week I've been reading through the Book of Corninthians this last week and I love how Paul teaches the Corinthians. It might be my favorite book in all the epistles so far! 1 Cor. 4:20 is one of my favorites! For the Kingdom of God is not in Word but in Power!
Elder Adam Taylor

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