Monday, January 16, 2017

Ghadamet Roo Chesham 1/16/17

What a week! Here's a few highlights of some of the great things that happened! Here's a cool story, we've been meeting with Aggie for a couple months now, she has been doing super well, she is reading the Book of Mormon a ton, and loves it so much! She recieved revelation she needed to read Alma 24, as she did she recieved a prompting that in order to be baptized she needed to fully commit to the church, and in doing so would have to leave behind her other church so that she could be fully committed. It was amazing to see the Lord work with her through the spirit.

After District meeting on Friday, some of the Elders told us they had a surprise for us, so they disappeared and showed up with 2 huge bowls of chicken feet they got from the chinese market... 
I'm not sure what the point of eating them was or is, there is no meat on them, it's just a little bit of skin. There's more meat on a small chicken wing. I can mark that one off the list.

Saturday we got to go to the temple with Hesam for his first time. We went to a baptism session, it was so cool to see Hesam be baptized for his Dad and Grandparents. 
As I sat in the temple I reflected on the importance of baptism. It is such an amazing opportunity to be there, and this morning I was reading in Doctrine and Covenance this morning in section 18, it talks about that only by the name of Christ can we be saved. When we are baptized we covenant to take upon the name of Christ, therefore, literally, it is only by his name, being taken on upon us, that we can enter the kingdom of God. Just like Christ taught to Nicodemus. After the temple We were able to have lunch after as well at Punjabi Tadka, where you can get 3 Samosas for a dollar, needless to say we had plenty! We also got some Zubia, not sure if that's how it's spelt but it's an Indian dessert, it's like funnel cake kinda..
Sunday after Church Hesam wanted to come out with us so the three of us hit the streets, saw a few people and met this cool guy named Hotas, who we are going to see tonight! Hesam invited us to come to his place for dinner as well afterwards, so we did and had rice and Shiraz Salad, which is basically a cucumber and tomato salad. Anybody that knows me knows I hate cucumbers, but I'm not going to lie, it was super good! I'm all about the Shiraz Salad now. After spending basically 2 days with Hesam, we have learned how to say, or how to try to say, a bunch of Farsi sayings. It's a work in progress that's for sure.
 This week we also started an ESL class, so we're super excited to get that going. We are making a big push and hoping we will be able to see some huge miracles that come from it. London has a lot of potential for it, so we are excited to see what happens!

Love you all!

Elder Adam Taylor

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