Monday, January 16, 2017

Just Too Tired To See Midnight 1/3/17

Well, I was asleep by 10:40 on New Years Eve, so I celebrated in the morning when we woke up and got ready for church. Elder Layton was trying to convince me to stay awake until midnight, but I was too tired! But we got up for church, and they cancelled classes for the day, I have no idea why, if you can get up for church at 10 then you can stay for 2 more hours. Right? So Church was short on Sunday, but that's all fine and dandy. New years eve we had dinner with the Young's and had Lamb, fancy cheese, and non-alcoholic wine. Needless to say, I was stuffed by the end of the night!

Here's a few quick highlights from the week, I had exchanges with Elder Sabin, he's one of the Assistants, he came to London with me and we almost burned London down together, just kidding, but it was a great exchange! We had a super cool experience, we were working in an area tracking around, in fact the same area where we were led to the Less-active member that I emailed about a few weeks ago. We were talking with a bunch of people and there was this girl walking down the street wearing ear phones, she couldn't hear us so we basically chased her down, she wasn't interested but as we turned around a lady across the street starting yelling at us to come over there, so we did. Turns out it was another Less-active member! She moved to London over a year ago and hasn't been to church since, so we had an awesome talk, she committed to come to church this next week. We are pumped, she's so nice, and it's a part-member family, so you better believe we're excited!

We went out to Strathroy on Sunday after church, and I saw a name on the list of a member in Burlington I had worked with a bit, her name was sister McCohan! We went by and lone behold, she moved here to London 1st ward! No way, it was amazing, so cool to see the Lord work like that.

This week I'm pretty sure everybody has been getting sick in some way. I got a cold earlier this week which is going away now, thank goodness to Buckley's. 
  ic can tell you how nasty it is, literally their slogan is "It taste gross, and it works". Amen to both of those. I've also been using chinese medicine called Pei Poa Kei, it's basically Honey mixed with herbs, oh boy it's nice!

It's currently raining today... It's January, why is it raining? I don't get it.

2016 was an amazing year though, It was the one year of my life that I dedicated 100% to the Lord, no other time will I have the opporutnity to do that. I'm grateful for  this last year, I've never been so close with God, and I've never loved the Gospel  more. This last year I will never forget, and I look forward to taking the things I learned about trusting the Lord into this new year! I love my Savior and Redeemer, and I'm grateful for his everlasting sacrifice!

Love you all!

These clear sidewalks - they call them ANTS. 

PDay - art exhibit - this guy looks like Joseph Smith

Elder Adam Taylor

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