Monday, January 16, 2017

Shout out to Elder Bentley 12/19/16

That's right, 6 days til Christmas! Hurrah! We're all super excited for this wonderful season, and the time to celebrate the life of the most important man to ever walk the Earth. First of all, Transfers came, and I'm with Elder Tyson Layton, he is from Warrenton Virginia. It's actually in the Washington DC South mission, so shout out to Elder Bentley! He's been out a year and a half, so a transfer longer than me! We're getting along great, having tons of fun together! This week we got pounded with snow, snow, snow and more snow. We have about 1.5 feet altogether it looks like, it's been cold, between -10 and -18 C, so in the teens to 0 F.  
We recieved a list of newly moved in members to go by and visit for our elders quorum president a few weeks ago and we had 2 amazing experiences while we were doing it! The first one, was a lady named Martha, we went by a few days ago but she lives in an apartment building with no buzzer code name and there was a lady there waiting for a ride that chased us away, she kept telling us to leave and all this stuff so we went back yesterday again to see what we could do to get in, there was this family in the Lobby that opened the door for us so we went up to the 8th floor and found the apartment. We knocked and this older lady answered the door, it was apparent she was surprised to see us, and as well she didn't speak any English, she told us she was from Colombia, and she called her daughter over, who didn't speak much english either. My spanish is not good at all but I felt as though to tell her who we were so I went on "Soy un Misionero de la Iglesia......" She got excited and asked if we were Christians, we told her yes and then she stepped out in the hallway and began to cry. After a very short conversation in broken Spanglish between the 4 of us, we found out she moved here a few years ago and is either a member of the church or met with missionaries and the last time she saw something with the church was on the TV. We told them there was a Spanish branch here and they got excited, we got them the Spanish sisters information, and went our ways. It was amazing to see how the Lord placed us in the right spot at the right time. 

The Second one came as we were tracting a street because nobody answered at the house which we had intended to go to. We knocked door after door and I was reflecting on a story told at MLC. It was of a family who was in their home one day and the father saw the missionaries walking down the street, he felt whatever the missionaries were sharing was true, so he gathered all his family and they prayed that the missionaries would come to them. The missionaries tracted up to their neighbor, turned, and walked away.... 7 years later a set of missionaries knocked on their door, they were baptized 2 weeks later. As I reflected on this story I was thinking about how I can make sure this would never happen to me as a missionary, so we got back to our car from where we were and just as I was thinking it Elder Layton says, "Let's do one more". So we did, and nobody answered... so I was then thinking about how you know which house to go to.. I looked down the street as I though this and looked at all the houses, none stood out as if they were yelling to go there, but I thought that if I knocked one more it would be a particular house, so I said, "One more" and we proceeded to the house. No answer... darn it! Elder Layton then noticed that there was a side apartment on the house, so we peaked around back, and decided to give it a shot. We knocked and a lady answered and told us she was a member.... No way! She lives way up North, so far that it's 3 hours to the closest church. But she was visiting her kids here in London. She hasn't been in a while because of the distance, but she was so excited to see us, we talked and laughed, she also knows a lot of the members in Barrie Stake so we talked about them. She asked for a blessing, so we gave her one, and as we were leaving she thanked us so much for coming by, and being in tune with the spirit. She said that she really needed the visit. Heavenly Father loves all of his children, he really does, I'm learning that more and more every day! 

Those are the cool miracles from the week, for those in the fam, I look forward to "seeing" you on Christmas! I love you all, and am wishing you a happy Holiday. 

Jesus Christ lives, he was born of Mary and lived a humble life, full of service, compassion, and selfless service. May we all follow his example this season, and do our best to light the World!

Love, Elder Adam Taylor

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